We are arriving

3 min readFeb 12, 2023

What would happen if a cryptocurrency project was 100% taken over by it’s community?

Yes, a slight twist on that famous question that many of us are familiar with. And The Guardianship at Komainu is about to start answering this question. The Community finally taking control and moving The Vision to another contract. Finally after over 8 months, we are taking true ownership.

A Brief History:

We know you’ve seen multiple “Komainu” when you search on dextools and other sites. According to Token Sniffer, about 30 other tokens of the same name or variant have been deployed since 2021. But there was something special about one of them that launched at the very end of May 2022. This one was different. An actual community started to form. We won’t go too deep into specifics here over what happened over the course of the next few months after launch. But we will just say that the vision was almost lost, and the project slowly dwindled to the status of being on perpetual life-support.

One good measure that was taken by whoever deployed this contract was that at launch, they sent a portion of the supply and contract control to Vitalik Buterin’s wallet. We are grateful to Vitalik for holding. But the time has come for complete takeover.

What’s Next:

Our Vision will be put onto a new contract in the coming weeks, maybe about 1 month from now. This new contract will ensure that we are able to adjust to the market at a moments notice, and will be crafted for longevity. Some key features will be:

  • UNrenounced contract: This will allow us to keep up with current trends and market conditions at a moments notice. ALSO, VCs (venture capitalists….you know, people who have money and want to invest in things) will want to see that the contract functions can be adjusted. Further, any utilities that we may want to have become part of our project may require flexibility in our contract.
  • Taxes: While the exact breakdown has not been finalized at this moment, taxes will go to a marketing wallet, liquidity pool, and 2 benefits for holders…
  • Reflections and Burn: There will be a small reflections tax for buying which will be distributed to holders. When you sell , there will be a small burn tax which will send tokens to a dead wallet.

Well, Friends (or “Frens” if you prefer) I wish I was a better poet. But, there it is. Your short and sweet breakdown of what happened and what’s going to happen next. This will be the community takeover of the year. Possibly the greatest one ever. Nothing became alittle something. Then, it went to almost nothing. And now its going to be REALLY SOMETHING.

At Komainu, we are looking to pick-up on The Journey to Maximum Decentralization where others have either left behind, or LEFT US behind. This is OUR Redemption.


Come and join us!