They are coming

2 min readApr 17, 2023


In my time in Defi (aproximately 2 years now), one of the most painful realizations has been that there is a machine , and aspiring members of the machine such as in the real world.

What is the machine?

It is the apparatus that tried to shame you when you questioned all the very abrupt and ridiculous changes to everyday life that were forced onto us for a time in the not so distant past. They also encouraged other believers to shame you as well.

They manipulate and hypnotize the very people they have oppressed for generations to become rageful at the rest of the population. Classic divide and conquer tactics in plain sight to the thinking person. It is a different world from August of 2020. Yes, we were right in the middle of this full onslaught on our perspective and common sense back then. But now…

Many have grown tired. Some have awakened. Some are waiting to be awakened still..

The traditional lords of the world have now determined to give their markets and economies a push upwards. Yes, its starting. We are now on the cusp of the start of that “season”

You defi elites and aspiring defi elites MUST understand one thing…

All of the so-called “normies” that are soon returning to our space are tired of the abuse on their psyche by the centralized establishment. But do not confuse their worn down spirit with naivete! They will not be so easily led this time.

Are your communities ready with open minds and hearts like we are here at the Guardianship?